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It was the morning of Labor Day 2008 and I received a call from my friend, Liz, alerting me that there was a high-back settee abandoned in an alley in Westover Hills that definitely had potential.  As soon as we finished breakfast, Jed and I hopped in the car to go check it out. Yes, it had been completely soaked in the storm the previous day and yes, it was covered with a country blue check fabric complete with pink sweethearts. After nearly putting one of the legs through a back window, we eventually wedged it in the back of our Pathfinder and made our way home with visions of a new, elegant settee for our living room dancing in my head.

Upon returning home and sanitizing our car, I immediately got down to work, stripping the grimy, thoroughly soaked fabric, cotton, foam and burlap off of the settee so that the frame could dry before any permanent damage was done.  Not to mention, it was starting to smell like a wet dog.  The lonely skeletal remains proceeded to hang out it in my garage for a few months until I found just the right fabric and the time to start upholstering.  I upholstered it the first time (as in not the only time) in January.  It was ridiculously cold so I worked on our tiny sun porch huddled next to a space heater. My husband and I quickly became aware that jack russell terriers just love air compressors.  Our dog, Owen, went ballistic every time I fired  a staple. Multiply that by about  a zillion and you can imagine the amount of barking that we endured.

After a few months of sitting on the freshly recovered settee, sleeping on the settee and staring at the settee, I determined that this was actually not just the right fabric and it was time for Round Two.  This time it was August and I worked in the garage attempting to remain as close as possible to a fan that put out a meager breeze at best.   Despite the extreme temperatures, I recently finished reupholstering the settee – again.   I have since made a pledge to myself that I will not continue to reupholster this same piece of furniture every six months.  Note to self – if there is a Round Three, perhaps I could choose a month with more moderate temperatures.  It kind of seems counter-productive to my recycling philosophy if I keep stripping off perfectly good fabric only to purchase more fabric.  Regardless, the elegant settee that I envisioned almost one year ago now proudly resides in our living room.  Anyway, you know I saved the fabric that I stripped off.  It currently waits to be used again. . .