Isn’t it grand when two worlds collide?  As much as I love a project, I also have a mad passion for wine.  On Friday evenings my husband and I love to attend the weekly tastings at our favorite local wine shop, River City Cellars, in Carytown.  Nothing is better than sipping tasty new wines and getting a little education followed by sampling scrumptious cheeses.  One particular Friday, I was so caught up in upholstering a chair (imagine that?) that my husband went on a solo wine tasting mission. After he reassured everyone in the shop that we were not having marital problems and that I was just at home obsessing over the reupholstering of a chair, he saddled up to the cheese counter.  Luckily, another couple who are also “regulars” overheard him.  It just so happens that they had a recliner that they desperately wanted to salvage but needed some love in the form of new fabric.  Jed exchanged numbers and a new deal was in the works.

 A couple of days later I was in their living room examining the recliner and giving an estimate for fabric, time, cost, etc.  I was relieved to see their whimsical taste and knew immediately that this was going to be a fun project.  They purchased a wild animal print that was certain to give new life to the recliner.  After three weeks the recliner was not only finished, it was staring at me.  Somehow I managed to give the recliner eyes when I positioned the fabric giving it a life of its own.  While I wish I could say “I meant to do it,” alas I cannot.  Regardless I think it is a fabulous coincidence – spooky yet fabulous!