I headed out around 8:30am yesterday morning to scout out any potential finds during the Labor Day weekend yard sales. Usually holiday weekends do not yield much so I did not make a point of leaving super early nor did I decide to venture far from home.  A craigslist search only provided three Near West End addresses of interest, so I did not anticipate a long morning. 

I hit the first yard sale where two tall iron candlesticks caught my eye.  The price tag suggested $4 for the pair and I was sold.  Excited that I had broken the seal, I headed down the road to my second destination that was advertised as a “neighborhood yard sale.”  Only three houses were participating and none of them had anything of interest.  After overhearing one homeowner remark that she had already sold all of her plants, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps I had arrived too late and missed all the good stuff.  Regardless, I headed on to number three.  The third sale was run by several delightful preteen girls.  They immediately informed me that all proceeds earned from their yard sale were going to be donated to the ASPCA.  I desperately wanted to buy something but unfortunately I do not know any takers on doll clothes or books equivalent to the “Sweet Valley High” series that I dedicated hours to in the fifth grade.  In the spirit of their charity, they were also selling homemade cat and dog treats so for $1.25 I grabbed some peanut better flavored treats for Owen and some tuna flavored treats for Ramone.  Then I headed towards home keeping my eyes peeled for any signs announcing sales that I did not have written in my journal.  I made no further yard sale discoveries but I did make a stop at the farmer’s market on the corner of Grove Avenue and Three Chopt Road.  I picked up a fresh bouquet of flowers, some incredibly juicy plums and a handful of honey crisp apples and Asian pears.  I was home by 9:30am with the rest of my Saturday in front of me.