What do you get when you cross one klutzy girl with sharp tools, a friend who wants her chair upholstered in solid white fabric and one grungy garage?  The answer is red, white and brown.

When my friend, Casey, requested that I reupholster her chair with white duck cloth and bright green cording, I must say that I was a little intimidated.  Actually, I was terrified.  I primarily use my garage as my workshop for reupholstering.  I do not know about your garage, but my garage is not exactly the poster child for cleanliness.  It is dusty and dirty and filled with typical garage items such as the lawn mower, potting soil, and cans of paint.  Needless to say, it is not the ideal environment to be working with white fabric.  

Then there was the other issue.  Thanks to my razor sharp staple puller, I usually average one or two stab wounds per project.  I have learned to stash a box of band-aids in my tool bag but there is still the matter of running into the house and washing my hands after each violent incident. 

So here I was paralyzed with fear.  I completed as much of the project as possible within the safety of my very clean sewing room before fearfully marching to the garage with the white fabric.  I was certain that grass clippings were going to magically leap from the floor to permanently stain the fabric.  Once I positioned the new fabric on the chair, I tried to work quickly but this just produced more injuries.  I found myself running to the house every fifteen minutes to wash my hands due to either a new gash or just general worry that my hands had contacted the dust lurking around me.  The moment I placed the last staple, I dialed Casey to announce that I was in the process of loading her chair in my car and bringing it to her house that very minute.  I did not want to waste any time removing the glowing chair from my garage. 

Success!!  The chair was delivered and had remained pristine.  I had three band-aids on my fingers but a satisfied smile on my face.