My friend, Meredith, has become quite the loyal customer.  A few months prior to the birth of her son, she presented me with a very special family heirloom that she wished to preserve.  She had recently acquired the wicker bassinet that was not only used for her, but both her mother and grandmother as well.  Now Meredith and Rob were expecting their first child and wanted to keep up the tradition for their own bundle of joy. 

She selected fabric and had the wicker freshly painted before bringing it to me to sew new cushions.  Meredith and Rob are one of those rare and patient couples who actually did not find out in advance if they were being blessed with a little lady or a little gentleman.  As a result, she picked a fun striped fabric that would be suitable for any newborn. 

Under the cover of night, I stowed the bassinet away in our garage in order to keep my neighbors from speculating.  This was a few months before my husband and I had even considered expanding our family beyond a dog and a cat and I wanted to avoid any rumors while I was working on a “baby project.”  Of course I had never made anything quite like this before and Meredith had given me free reign to be as creative as possible.  I decided to use the old cushions as patterns and added cording made in the same striped fabric to give it a softer, more polished look. 

The bassinet turned out to be adorable but pales in comparison to baby Carter who arrived on June 8, 2009.  He is growing by leaps and bounds and has already outgrown the bassinet, so Meredith cleverly continues to use her prized family heirloom that has now been used for four generations to store books and toys.