Tomorrow is the official first day of autumn which happens to be my favorite time of year.  Soon I will be decorating our front porch with pumpkins and mums as I anticipate the changing of the leaves and the knocks on our door by trick-or-treaters.  The temperature is mild enough for jeans and jackets (of course at 17 weeks pregnant my jeans are becoming a bit hard to button) and college football is in full swing – Go Hokies!  On top of it all, fall also happens to be a fantastic time to scout out yard sales.  Loads of folks have moved over the summer and are continuing the purging process while others are cleaning out their garage and attic as they winterize their homes.  Needless to say, I am in heaven. 

I set out this past Saturday around 8am and headed over to the Sherwood Park in the Northside.  The ad claimed at least 23 homes were participating in this neighborhood sale.  Although I did not actually count, I spent a little over an hour milling from sale to sale and found no shortage of great deals.  I agonized over many gorgeous antiques and other unique items at ridiculous prices.   Somehow I was able to exert massive amounts of will power and stuck to my rule of do not buy it just because it is a good deal unless you have an immediate use for it.  Not to mention, my husband has also instuted a chair mandate – one in, one out.  As a result of a year long chair buying spree, I now have to wave good-bye to a chair everytime a new one enters our abode.   But have no fear, I did not drive away from Sherwood Park completely empty handed.  I did manage to buy a baby basket/bassinet ($15), an old metal storage crate ($2), and four vintage linen towels ($3).  Tea towels are another personal weakness of mine and look fabulous spread out on a buffet table when entertaining.

Feeling confident that I had conquered one neighborhood, I headed back to the near West End to finish my morning closer to home.  I hit five or six more sales and scored a pair of candy apple green taper candles ($5), a pink polka dot scarf ($.50) and a New Yorker book featuring Christmas tales ($1).  Once again I concluded my morning at the farmer’s market on the corner of Three Chopt Road and Grove Avenue and filled my bag full of cherry tomatoes, a variety of apples, and Asian pears.  It was another successful morning without breaking the budget, and better yet, fall has only just begun!