A few months ago I was flipping through a catalog when a pair of upholstered wooden folding chairs caught my eye.  Each chair had been upholstered with multiple fabrics of various textures but unfortunately the chairs also carried a price tag of over $300.  Almost instantly the wheels started turning in my head.

It just so happened that I knew of a shop where one could acquire some vintage wooden folding chairs.  My husband and his family are from a miniscule place known as Victoria, Virginia.  I am not joking; the town only boasts one stoplight. Within this little town, there is also a charming but moderately priced antique store, appropriately named Victoria Antiques.  I have had tons of luck there over the last several years, and it is definitely worth diverting from the beaten path to stop by and peruse.  Therefore, during our next visit to Victoria, I scoured the shop for the chairs and was able to find two.  The shop owner quoted a meager $5 per chair and I was in business.

Once I returned home, I got to work.  I used large scraps of fabric leftover from various other sewing and upholstery projects that I had completed for our home.  Not only did I save on the cost of fabric, I also ensured that the new chairs would be the perfect compliment to our existing décor.  I used some elastic webbing to give some extra stability to the antique chairs and added several layers of cotton batting to make them feel nice and plush.  I glued on some matching trim to cover my staples and added a couple of brass tacks to complete the look.  Voila!  I had made my version of the catalog chairs for a fraction of the cost.  Now when we are entertaining a large group of guests, I can simply pull out the chairs for instant extra seating.  When not in use, they easily fold up and can be hidden away in a closet.