As I stepped out of my house at 8am on Saturday, a few rain drops started to fall.  With a list of promising yard sales, I refused to be defeated this easily.  As I drove to the first sale on the corner of Westham Parkway and River Road, rain drops continued to collect on my windshield.  In complete denial, I did not turn on my windshield wipers because that would acknowledge the fact that it was indeed raining and my yard sale plans could be washed out.  This particular sale was billed as a neighborhood event.  Somehow I doubt everyone showed up to participate but there were a few brave souls who had set up tables with their wares.  I did not linger but I did find a ceramic pumpkin ($2) to include in my autumnal decorations. 

As I headed down Monument Avenue, it continued to sprinkle but I maintained my high hopes.  I picked up a pair of wine glasses for 25¢ a piece.  I try to keep extra mismatched wine glasses on hand to use for large outdoor parties.  I personally despise drinking wine from a plastic cup but I also do not wish to spend my time as a hostess worrying about glasses getting broken.  I have found cheap stemware from yard sales and thrift stores to be an excellent solution. 

From there I made my way to a neighborhood sale in Ginter Park.  The rain had subsided so even if the yard sales were a bust, I decided that walking around this beautiful, historic neighborhood was not a bad way to spend a fall morning.  I spent the next hour and a half in the Northside and found all sorts of great deals.  I bought an arm full of various remnant fabrics ($19) with thoughts of upcoming nursery projects including the basket/bassinet that I purchased the previous weekend.  I bought a variety of pink and blue because Burt’s gender is still a mystery but I could not pass up the elegant designer fabrics at such outrageous prices.  I also found a charming antique lap desk ($13) that will be perfect for breakfast in bed (hint, hint) and I scored two more wine glasses out a bin marked “free.”  In addition, I bought an interior design book ($1.50) and a vintage floral tablecloth ($2).

I ended my morning at Consignment Connection on Lakeside Avenue where I found an old children’s book for Burt ($3).  Better yet, I collected a check for $61.80 for some items that Jed and I had sold on consignment.  Not only had I beaten the rain, but I also finished my morning in the black!