Do you have that garment hanging in your closet that you absolutely adore but every time you go to put it on, it just does not fit quite right?  You leave it in your closet until next month when you expect a magical transformation to have occurred and you put it on again only to be massively disappointed.  It still has the tags on it so you are not ready to let it go to the donation bag.  Unfortunately, you bought it over a year ago and have way too much pride to exchange it only to be made fun of by the sales clerk for attempting to return something from last year’s collection.   If you find yourself in this predicament, put an end to your misery and make a pillow. 

I am manic about pillows.  They can be an inexpensive way to quickly transform a room.  Not to mention, pillows are really cozy and make furniture more comfortable.  The other great thing about a pillow is that it can be made out of just about anything including a wool houndstooth jumper that has hung in my closet for two seasons or a classic jersey from the past.  My husband got in on the act and now has a custom pillow for his office made out of a Brooklyn cycling jersey. 

Therefore, let go of your guilt, clean out your closet, and make pillows galore!