Food, water & shelter – these are our basic needs for survival.   In other words, everyone needs a glass of wine and a cheese plate followed by a place to cuddle up for a nap.  As the mother of a cross-eyed, overweight, and extremely vocal Siamese cat, better known as Ramone, I know the last part better than anyone.  

Obviously, I love to sew and upholster and I have a massive appreciation for fine fabrics.  What I do not appreciate is furniture covered in kitty fur or tiny puncture holes made by razor sharp claws.  Unfortunately, Ramone does not share my admiration of quality upholstery nor does he quite understand that I did not reupholster our settee just to provide him with a new place to sleep.  Therefore, I decided to take matters in my own hands by creating him a custom pet bed. 

Using a wooden wine box that I had purchased at a yard sale for one dollar, I added four felt pads to the bottom to prevent any scratches on our hardwood floors.  Then I utilized left over fabric from the dining room chair cushions that I previously sewn to make a pillow to fit within the box.  

My newest creation was an immediate success and once again balance has been restored in the Hurt household.  Ramone has a cozy spot to rest his weary head, and the furniture remains fuzz-free – well, for the most part.