dsc03288dsc032891I believe I have already waxed poetic about how much I love autumn but it truly is the best time of year.  Autumn kicks off the holiday season and I LOVE decorating for the holidays.  First up is Halloween.  It is the only time of year when it is perfectly acceptable to hang up a garland of skeletons, set out a black glittery skull and cover the walls with spider webs.   This year, I decided to create a new addition using an idea for a project that I spotted in the October issue of Country Living magazine.

The magazine gave instructions for making a Halloween-inspired diorama. For the most part I followed the directions but I did make a few minor adjustments.  The magazine suggested turning large glass jars upside down and gluing all of the objects inside to the lid.  Instead of regular jars, I decided to utilize my bell jar and a glass dome that I had purchased at a yard sale.  This way I could make the dioramas larger and give them a less home-made look.  I cut circles from a cardboard box to use as bases for both and I bought three plastic spiders as well as a couple of birds at the craft store.  Then I got out the spray paint and doused the birds and cardboard bases in black.  Per the instructions, I collected sticks from my yard to use as perches but decided to leave them natural instead of spray painting them as was described in the article.  Then I simply used my glue gun to assemble the spooky arrangements and completed the look by using moss to cover the cardboard base.  I made my own addition of fake spider webs to increase the eeriness factor.