DSC03384They say it takes a village to raise a child but I must say that it also takes a village to help a girl and her husband survive pregnancy.  Jed and I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by a loving network of family and friends.  Not only have we received countless well wishes but so many folks have come to our rescue.  Both my sister, Kelly, and my sister-in-law, Erin, have lent me tons of clothes to help me get through this awkward period of not being able to fit in my own wardrobe but still swimming in maternity clothes.  My other sister, Kathleen, has had to endure daily e-mails about everything from what types of bottles do we need to do we really need a wipe warmer?  Of course our parents are ecstatic and have already started passing on family heirlooms, and our friend, Casey, has dropped off tons of baby gear and clothes.  Jed and I even accosted a new mom at Stony Point the other day to find out what type of stroller and car seat combination she was using.

Jed and I must give a special shout out to our next door neighbors and fairy godparents, Ralph and Ginny.  As soon as we announced that we were pregnant, the gifts began crossing the fence.  First it was a huge bag of shrimp, scallops, steaks and chicken because the baby needs protein.  Then it was an adorable pair of bunny stuffed animals.  We have also received all kinds of sweet treats and home-made soup.  Trust me neither baby nor pregnant mother are starving.  The day that Ginny determined that I was “showing,” she arrived on my doorstep with all new and very cute maternity clothes.   They even insisted that we take their wooden rocking chair to use in the nursery.

It is a very sweet wooden rocking chair and I was given free reign to make as many alterations as I desired.  I gave it a fresh coat of white paint to match the crib and decided to sew a four-inch thick box cushion for the seat and fill the back of the chair with pillows for extra comfort and support.  I used fabrics previously purchased at yard sales and remnant tables and had enough additional fabric to make a cushion for another small chair that we will also use in the nursery.  (Believe it or not, Ralph and Ginny gave us that charming antique wooden chair for Christmas last year.) Once Burtie arrives, I plan to paint her monogram on the top of the inside back of the rocking chair.  We have decided to keep her name a surprise until she is born but the name Ralphina is definitely in the running.