DSC03391DSC03389DSC03390I have completed the second of the many projects for the nursery – the very important baby bumper for the crib.  When I first embarked on this project, I figured it would be easy because it is just like making a long, skinny pillow.  After further investigation, I soon realized that a better analogy would be that making a crib bumper is actually like sewing a sleeping bag for an anaconda.  In order to wrap all the way around the inside of the crib, the bumper has to be over thirteen feet long.  Cutting and sewing this amount of fabric and cording becomes quite tedious.  Because I am such a perfectionist (a.k.a. obsessive/compulsive), I found myself neurotically retaking my measurements about a thousand-and-one times in order to ensure that I had not made any miscalculations.  Not to mention that fabric stretches, so my measurements came out slightly different each time.

Luckily I was able to start with a pre-made bumper that I inherited with the crib to use as a template.  I also used this pre-existing bumper to stuff inside my newly created one in order to save money on batting.  I chose a romantic floral fabric for the outside of the bumper (purchased for about $5 a yard at The Interior Outlet) and a coordinating stripe (purchased for about $8 a yard at Ikea) for the inside.  I corded the entire bumper with the pink fabric that I previously used on the rocking chair cushion.  I also used this same pink fabric to make the twenty-four ties used to secure the bumper to the railing of the crib.  After watching me agonize over the exact measurements, my husband took pity on me and decided that the best solution would be to temporarily set up the crib in our living room.  I was able to fit the bumper to the crib before completing the sewing and felt relieved to learn that I did indeed know how to use a yardstick.  After this obstacle was overcome, the sewing was a breeze and it seemed more like a simple pillow after all. 

The moral of the story is that it pays to be pregnant because your husband will do just about anything to avoid an emotional breakdown.  Our home is now one step closer to being ready for Burtie . . . or an anaconda.