I have been so busy doing projects that I have been slacking on writing about them.  My other excuse is that our house has also been officially designated a disaster zone.   We are currently in the process of moving my husband’s office upstairs, preparing the nursery, and having a dishwasher installed.  When I came home from work yesterday, Jed immediately informed me that there was a fork in the linen closet, the coffee pot was in the nursery and an empty dog food can was in the bathroom.  Help!?!?!  Jed and I are both total neat freaks so all this transition is driving us completely insane, but we know it will all be worth it once little Miss Burtie arrives.

In the meantime, my latest nursery project utilizes some of my September yard sale finds.  Remember the Moses basket that I scored for $15?  When I originally posted it I did not even know it had a name so I referred to it as the “basket/bassinet.”    The basket came with the foam “mattress” already cut to size so all that was left for me to purchase was the batting to make a bumper to surround the interior of the basket.   I recovered the mattress and bumper with a large piece of pink and white striped fabric that I also purchased at a yard sale for a mere $5.   In order to complete the basket, I attached satin ribbon to the bumper in order to secure it to the handles and keep it from shifting in place.  Now Burtie has a cozy place to take a nap even if she is amongst chaos.