Jed and I like to think of ourselves as somewhat refined individuals.  We are both “foodies” and enjoy tasting and learning about wine.  We both try to stay up to date on current events and to be socially aware.   But despite all of our efforts, we truly are both kids at heart.  This fact has become especially apparent lately.  Put us in a toy store and we both turn into complete mush as we walk around swooning over the cuddly toys and candy we use to devour as kids.  Who have we become?  DSC03417DSC03418

We have found it exceedingly difficult not to buy every kitschy adorable stuffed animal in sight.  We are trying to pinch pennies in a responsible effort to save for the important stuff like diapers, day care and a bunch of other practical baby gear.  In our attempt to maintain some level of will power and leave a few items at the store, I decided to create our own “monster” stuffed animal.  If we can make a kid, we can make a monster.  I made our mini frankenstein out of a left over piece of gray wool given to me by Jed’s mom, and I used a technique that I recently learned called felting.  We decided to give our monster all of our craziest traits including the mysterious bumps on Jed’s knuckles and the little scar on the back of my head that I acquired at age five.  We have affectionately named the monster, Otis, and now Otis patiently waits for the day that he is loved on by Burtie.  How will she be able to resist him?