The holiday season is officially upon us.  Even though the malls have already grown Christmas trees and have been plastered with lights and tinsel, let us not overlook Thanksgiving.  I truly have a lot to be thankful for this year but at the risk of getting too sappy, I will move on to what we have planned for the day.

For the second year in a row, Jed and I will be volunteering as table hosts at the Thanksgiving Feast sponsored by the Giving Heart.  This is a large event held at the Richmond Convention Center and is open to the public for anyone to attend.  Last year, Jed and I had a blast as we hosted two single moms, five rambuncious girls, and one gentleman at our table.   We are looking forward to repeating the experience this year.

Then we will travel from one giant meal to another.  We are headed to Victoria to give thanks and share a meal with Jed’s family.  For an appetizer,  we have made pistaschio biscuits and homemade buttermilk cheese that will be accompanied by apricot cumin jam.  I also made candied espresso walnuts to snack on throughout the day and to give as gifts.

I ask you to please try to forget about fighting the masses for Christmas bargains on black Friday and focus on Thanksgiving instead.  Give thanks, celebrate dining with your family and friends, and Respect the Turkey!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!