Seriously, I look like an elf.

On a raw rainy, snowy Saturday in early December, the Hurts decided to kick off the holiday festivities.  We took Owen for an early visit with Santa at Pet Smart where he selected a Christmas duck toy that has remained the center of his world for the past 24 hours.

After dropping Owen off at our house, we shot over to the Northside to do some local holiday shopping and were able to check a few gifts off of our list.

From there it was off to the Far West end to battle the elements AND the crowds. For the sixth consecutive year, we returned to Tom Leonard’s to select the Hurt family Christmas tree. At Tom Leonard’s, Stephan not only helped us find the perfect frasier fir  but also informed us that our tree had been cut the previous day.  We recently learned that the majority of the trees are cut early in the season and sit on a lot without any water. Therefore, it is best to get your tree early and to leave it outside in a pail of water until you are ready to introduce the tree to the indoors.  Before leaving the lot, we got a fresh cut off the end of our tree and now it is happily drinking water in our garage while it patiently awaits the day we embellish it with lights and ornaments.

Once the tree was securely tied to the top of our car, we headed to Whole Foods to select the ingredients for our dinner.  I found this $5 cypress plant and it was love at first sight.  Upon arriving home, our new little tree was wrapped in burlap that was secured with twine and adorned with a red Christmas ball.  It has been appropriately named Stephan!