Even though I have had to take a brief sabbatical from wine, I still find myself with an abundance of corks.  My husband and I are both quite fond of wine and I am a bit neurotic about saving the corks.  I love the uniqueness of each wine makers’ cork.  Some feature pictures of animals or estates while others are simply printed with the vintage or name of the vineyard.  Sorting through our wine corks often evokes memories of celebrations with friends and family or romantic meals cooked at home.   Some corks are found repeatedly throughout our collection because the wine happens to be an inexpensive but consistently tasty friend.  Regardless, nothing is more fun than projects that utilize wine corks because it means you “had to” do a little drinking to have the materials necessary to complete the project.  For example, these small trivets use 18 corks.  That equals a case and a half of wine.  Need I say more?

In order to fashion these trivets, I purchased 5 1/2 inch precut wooden squares from the craft store.  I stained the wood using some leftover stain I found in the garage (I guarantee you have some in your garage too.) Once the stain was dry, I glued a piece of velvet onto the bottom to protect our table from any surface scratches.  I used scraps of velvet that I had previously stripped off of our settee (see my first blog) but felt would also work well for this project.  Then I arranged the corks in pairs of similar size and used a hot glue gun to attach them to the wood.  Now we are prepared for all of the hot dishes that will emerge from our oven this holiday season.