These festive reindeer each utilize six wine corks. This only translates to a half of a case of wine but that is still a decent amount of vino that must be consumed prior to constructing them.

I have made these wine cork reindeer for the past six years and still manage to find people to give them to each Christmas.  They make lovely hostess gifts, present toppers, etc.  I created these corkdeers using a hot glue gun to assemble the corks, adhere a faux red berry for the nose, and attach small sticks for the antlers.  Finally, I added a ribbon loop so that the corkdeer can be proudly displayed on the tree.

Many of you reading this have already received your very own one-of-a-kind corkdeer.  If not, invite us over for a holiday cocktail and we will happily get to work drinking wine . . . I mean making one for you too!