When I came to my husband and told him that I wanted to reupholster a pair of antique chairs (see Saling blog from 9/3/09) for the second time, he looked at me like I had three heads.  First of all, he could not figure out what was wrong with the fabric currently on the chairs.  Not to mention, he was not crazy about the idea of spending a bunch of money on fabric so close to the holidays.  I was not concerned because I already had a plan to address his valid concerns.

As much as I loved the current fabric (I selected it myself), the light blue floral print no longer coordinated with our recently reorganized attic room.  This gigantic room has been converted to serve as my sewing/craft center, our workout room, and Jed’s office as he was forced to relocate upstairs in order to make room for the nursery.  As a result, I decided to recycle the olive green velvet that I had removed from the settee back in the summer (see Ready, Settee, Go! blog from 8/16/09.) The velvet was still in pristine condition and I felt it would pair well with the beautiful Victorian chairs.  For additional flair, I also wanted to incorporate some leftover floral fabric on the back of the chairs.

Once I established that no funds were required and pointed out how stunning the chairs would look, Jed could not deny me the pleasure of yet another project.  Therefore, I was off to work, stripping the chairs and recovering them.  Three days later, the chairs had been transformed and all was right in the world once again.