The exhilaration of an auction is tough to beat.  My pulse quickens as my anticipation grows with each bid.  Will it be mine?  Will I be outbid?  How much am I willing to pay?  Is it worth it?  Should I bid again?

This time I was victorious!  I bought this charming Queen Anne foot stool for $10 at an auction in Victoria, Virginia over the weekend.  It turned out to be the perfect match to the dresser/changing table in the nursery and will provide much needed foot support when I am rocking Burtie to sleep at night.

As you can clearly see from the before picture (New Year’s resolution achieved!) that the stool was in need of a little TLC.  Once I stripped off the two layers of existing fabric, I cleaned the wooden legs prior to reupholstering it.  I was able to utilize complimentary fabrics that were left over from previous nursery projects so that it would coordinate perfectly with Burtie’s room.  The finished result is a dramatic improvement and quite a bargain.