Just when you thought it was not possible for me to make anything else pink, I have found a way.  For the last four years, I have been making fabric birds using leftover remnants of fabric.  I was first inspired by a project in the December 1998 issue of Martha Stewart Living and still use this original pattern to cut the fabric in order to construct the bodies and wings.  The fabric used to make each bird commemorates projects that I have completed during that year and is a festive way to use up all those tiny scraps that otherwise would have no purpose.  Each year I use the birds to adorn the top of our Christmas tree (and yes, I forgot to take a picture this past year).

Once I finished decorating Burtie’s nursery, it was time for me to make her first bird for the tree.  Who cares that it is only January?  This is the eleventh bird that I have made and is complete with feathers and beads.