As you may have noticed, I have been on hiatus from Project Hurt.  I am in the final weeks of pregnancy and have found myself slowing down a bit.  Lately my biggest projects consist of taking naps, baking cookies, walking (had to give up running a few months ago) and reading lots of books and magazines for future inspiration.  Once our little Burtie finally arrives, I may need to continue my time away in order to focus on her because let’s face it, she is the biggest project of them all.

With that being said, THIS IS IN NO WAY THE END OF PROJECT HURT!!  Please stay tuned because I shall return.  As anyone who knows me, I do not sit still for long and my brain is far too busy not to get back to my projecting ways very soon.  In the meantime, please feel free to use the blog to send messages and inquiries regarding past and future projects.  And do not think I will not be posting some disgustingly cute baby photographs very soon (and let us hope that it is very soon!)