mLet’s face it, “Patience” is not my middle name.  Our little Burtie could arrive any day now and the waiting game is driving me absolutely crazy.  I have been keeping myself from starting any new projects because I am not too keen on embarking on a task that I cannot complete.  Then I had an epiphany.  Perhaps I have been approaching this the wrong way.  For once it would be nice to start on a project only to be interrupted by a monumental event such as the birth of a child.  Therefore, last night my beads and trusty pliers made their first appearance in several months.

I started beading flowers about five years ago.  I have utilized techniques from both the French and Venetian styles of flower beading.  The inspiration for my beaded arrangements is derived from actual flowers mixed with the desire to create pieces using abstract shapes and colors.  Since there are still several inches of snow obscuring the outside world, there are no flowers blooming in our yard to inspire me.  Therefore, I started a project using white and charcoal gray beads.  It sounds a little bleak, but it is February.

Beading is a tedious craft, so while I work on my latest creation, I thought I would post a few pictures of some flowers and arrangements that I have made in the past.  My next blog will either feature photographs of my latest arrangement or the disgustingly cute pictures that I promised in my last blog.  As I may be more than a little disgruntled, you may not want to come near me if it is the former.