I am thrilled to announce that Mattie Windsor Hurt is finally here!  She actually arrived on February 24, 2010 at precisely 8:40pm and tipped the scales at seven pounds and two ounces.  I realize that I am a little behind on my blog posts, but I have been taking advantage of the last few weeks to settle into motherhood and have been loving every moment.  Mattie Windsor teaches me something new everyday, and I am already so proud of her.

As if the birth of our beautiful daughter was not big enough, Jed and I are excited that she has arrived in time to join us on our next adventure.  Jed was recently promoted within his company, International Sports Properties, and his presence has been requested in the corporate office in Winston-Salem.  That’s right.  Project Hurt is leaving Richmond and is off to North Carolina.  The next few weeks will be fast and furious as Jed and I attempt to sell our home, pack our belongings, and spend every spare moment loving on our gorgeous child.  It may sound like quite a lot, but come on, we are the Hurts.  Initially we will be renting a small apartment while we get acclimated to our new surroundings.  I am personally looking forward to exploring Winston-Salem with Mattie Windsor and sharing our experiences and discovering new projects in the near future.  I will have an all new terrain to seek out yard sales, thrift stores, antique shops and auctions.  Let the fun begin!