I’m back!!!  After the three craziest months of my life, Jed, Mattie Windsor, and I have officially become North Carolinians and more specifically, Winston-Salemites.

After completely neglecting this blog for the last several weeks I feel the need to summarize the whirlwind that has surrounded the Hurts.  Here goes . . .

1. We had a beautiful baby girl named Mattie Windsor.  She is closing in on three months.  She is so amazing that we anticipate that she will be solving pi next week.

2.  We attempted to sell our house.  After preparing for a ridiculous amount of showings and still no bites, at the eleventh hour we found a delightful young couple to rent our home.

3.  Jed had emergency abdominal surgery to repair his feuding intestines followed by two additional stays on the fifth floor of St. Mary’s hospital due to some post-surgical complications.  Not to worry, he is making a speedy recovery and will eventually just be left with a few scars to remind him of the whole episode.

4. I spent three weeks training my replacement at Altius (my day job was as an office manager at a family medical practice) only for her to walk out on my “last” day.  As a result, I spent an extra two-weeks training my new replacement.  In my opinion, she was a better fit for the office and all is well that ends well.

Have I left anything out?  Oh yeah, we moved to another state for my husband to work in the ISP corporate office and I have temporarily joined the ranks of the unemployed.  We have left behind our cape cod complete with gigantic garage and shed and now reside in a two-bedroom apartment.  But never fear, my sewing machine and air compressor both avoided storage and made the journey.  So . . . with all this extra time on my hands while I seek employment to contribute to our family income, I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to revitalize Project Hurt .  And thus completes the story of the Hurt family’s dash to the dash (a.k.a Winston-Salem.)