Where is the library?  This is perhaps one of the few phrases that I retained from high school Spanish class.  Now that we have officially resided in Winston-Salem for exactly one week, I still have no clue where the closest biblioteca is located, but I have had an opportunity to make a few bibs.  It only makes sense.  I have a three-month-old, a trunk full of remnant fabric, and a sewing machine that is yearning to be put back into action.  On Monday, when Jed headed off to join corporate America, I awaited the cable guy and dusted off my beloved old Singer.

I decided to give the bibs a little extra charm by using a gourd shape and making fabric ties rather than snaps.  All of the fabrics used in these examples came from various yard sales and some of the fabrics could even be considered vintage.  Each bib is reversible because they are destined to get stained.  Because let’s face it, the main function of a bib is to not simply be decorative but to actually protect clothes.  Of course this does not mean that these utilitarian items essential to every baby’s wardrobe should not also be lovely to look at.   Now that I have more bibs than I know what to do with and gobs more fabric, please let me know if you are interested in obtaining one for a special baby in your life.*

*Mattie Windsor not included.