Moving from a house to a two-bedroom apartment has been a bit of an adjustment for us.  Jed and I found ourselves forced to make decisions regarding what we could and could not live without for the next several months until we find a new home in Winston-Salem.  Despite putting much of our furniture into storage, apartment-living is not all bad.  For example, if your kitchen drawer comes off its track (as it did last week), a maintenance man shows up at your doorstep an hour later to fix it and does not leave a bill.  There is no more calling a plumber to fix leaky faucets and no yard to mow (Jed’s personal favorite).  Perhaps best of all, for the first the time in our adult lives, we have two bathrooms!  As much as we loved our charming abode in Richmond, alas it only had one water closet – yes, that means one sink, one toilet, and one shower.  Suddenly having two showers, we were faced with a shower curtain deficit.  This sounds like a job for Project Hurt.  Luckily, I had just the solution.

Several years ago, we purchased two large curtain panels from Ikea but we had long stopped using them because the light blue fabric no longer matched our decor.  Not only had I saved the curtains, for some strange reason I actually brought them with us to North Carolina.  One panel was not quite wide enough to cover the entire shower.  In order to avoid an awkward seam dividing the curtain in the middle, I split the second panel in half and added it to either side of the original panel.  I also used this opportunity to learn a new skill.  I made 12 button-holes across the top of the curtain to use for curtain rings.  Of course, I did not have a second set of shower curtain rings so I improvised with twine.  The resulting curtain now hangs proudly in our second bathroom.  The Hurt apartment is officially ready for guests!