Rewind five months ago to mid-January and my baby shower.  As I was meticulously opening gifts in order to save all of the ribbon that adorned the packages, my sister-and-law and another close friend joked how they expected me to use the ribbon in a project the next day.  It is true that even though I recycled most of the ribbon to use on gifts to others, I have managed to find a way to incorporate a few pieces into a project.

And that brings us back to the present.  I am no longer pregnant (hooray!) and I am quickly learning all about babies.  For example, sun hats are pretty important.  Not only do they help protect Mattie Windsor’s peaches-and-cream skin from becoming sun-dried tomato skin, hats also help protect her beautiful baby blues from the bright sun.  Mattie Windsor has one adorable hat that she wears all of the time just for the previously cited reasons.  The only problem is that her hat is white, and I keep managing to drip chocolate gelato on it while I attempt to hold her and enjoy a yummy treat at the same time.  Luckily, I have a khaki hat handed down from one of her many boyfriends and left over ribbon from . . .  you guessed it, my baby shower.    Now her hat is embellished .   Let’s just hope that she actually grows into it.