I was thrilled to recently learn that my friends, Rob and Meredith, are expecting a female addition to their family.  Miss Shields is expected to enter the world in January 2011!  Since their first child is a boy, it is only necessary that their baby girl will need some new provisions for her nursery.  Enter Project Hurt.

Even though I now reside in North Carolina, I am ecstatic to have a project from Richmond.  Meredith sent me descriptive e-mails complete with fabric samples and photographs of examples.  Based on our correspondence, I was able to estimate the needed yardage of fabric to create a baby bumper, crib skirt, and decorative toss pillow.   The fabric promptly arrived on my doorstep a few days later and the sewing commenced.  Once I was finished, I gave everything a test spin on Mattie Windsor’s crib to make sure it fit, and this is the final result.

Of course I am anxious to see how it will look in the new nursery, but I am even more eager to meet the newest member of the Shields family!