During the height of pregnancy, I constantly complained that belts had become a four-letter word.  Unless a belt was nine feet long, it was simply not an option.  In fact, I never realized how much I took a belt for granted until I became so rotund that I could no longer wear one.  

Now that I am happily back to wearing belts, I decided to add a few new ones to my wardrobe.  Lucky for me, the bag of buttons from my mother-in-law (see previous blog) also included a couple of buckles.  With the addition of a third buckle that I purchased at an estate sale, I was able to make three new belts.  The green belt is made out of a green wrap/shawl that I picked up at a thrift store.  I am guessing by the shiny fabric that it formerly accompanied a bridesmaid dress.  The second belt is made out of an elegant silk fabric remnant that I bought at a yard sale, and the third belt is made out of one of Jed’s old ties that once also belonged to his father.

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