While shopping with a friend a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a stool that would fit fabulously in our house.  It was a reproduction of a machinist stool with a round seat that had been covered in a piece of printed burlap.  It was a perfect fit with our current decor but I was not too crazy about the $120 price tag.  Once again, the wheels started turning as I envisioned my next project.

I know this is hard to believe but I actually had a  similar stool at home with a plain wooden seat.  I  purchased my stool a few months ago for a mere $18 at one of my favorite consignment shops called Re-Tale.  With the addition of some foam and a small scrap of a burlap coffee sack (see blog entitled “Coffee Break”), I was able to create a 2 inch cushion.  For a touch of wit, I centered “150 lbs” in the center.   Now we shall see who is brave enough to take a seat.