It is hard to believe that a year has already passed since we welcomed Mattie Windsor into the world.  She officially turns one-year-old today, but we decided to celebrate her birthday last Sunday.  We asked all of our family to make the trek down from Virginia and invited a bunch of our new North Carolina friends to sport a hat and come party with us.

As it was a proper tea party, we served iced tea and hot tea.  Other beverage options included juice boxes for the half-pints and wine and beer for our taller guests.  We offered a variety of mini sandwiches that included strawberry and goat cheese, pimento cheese,  cucumber, and everybody’s favorite, peanut butter and jelly.  Other delicious treats included broiled salmon, shrimp cocktail, cheese biscuits, and cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto.  And of course there were cookies (lemon poppy-seed and cherry-chocolate-oatmeal) and vanilla cupcakes with pink butter cream frosting.

Because our little darling has more clothes, toys, and books than any child could ever imagine; we decided to share our good fortune.  In lieu of gifts, we asked our party guests to bring donations for Feeding America.  For her first philanthropic effort, Mattie Windsor raised $200.00 which equates to approximately 1,800 pounds of food!

Small and somewhat ridiculous prizes were given for the best hats of the party, and our guests did not disappoint.  Creativity was in the air.  There were homemade hats made out of various materials including silk flowers, newspapers, dish towels, and even leftover Valentine’s Day candy boxes.

But the pièce de résistance came when everyone gathered around Mattie Windsor to sing “Happy Birthday” and to present her with her very first cupcake.  Her face quickly lit up when she realized that she was in the spotlight.  She basked in all the attention as she meticulously devoured her entire special birthday confection.  Jed and I could not help but to sit and grin as we realized that our daughter is no longer a baby.  She is now her own little person that walks and talks, has six teeth, and sparkles with personality.

Happy First Birthday Mattie Windsor!

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