One of the best gifts that I received for Christmas this year was a blank canvas from my husband.  Actually, it was not entirely blank.  With the assistance of a black pen, Jed had started at the top of the canvas and written dozens of quotes.  His intention was for me to begin where he left off and slowly fill the canvas.

Both Jed and I keep journals and are constantly writing down quotes.  Some of these words inspire us, others make us think, and others make us laugh hysterically.  The authors of our quotes range from Maya Angelou to Thomas Jefferson and from Charlie Brown to the owner of our favorite restaurant, Aliseo, in Brooklyn.  Jed and I even have a few of our own original words that we feel to be particularly noteworthy.

I picked up where Jed left off and started scouring through my own journals for quotes to add.  Amazingly, the canvas is filling up quickly, and I look forward to finding the perfect spot to hang all of these well composed words.