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If you had told me a couple of years ago that the word “tweenie” would become a regular part of my vocabulary, I would have thought you were crazy.  Oh, how things have changed.  Mattie Windsor is 13 months old and just graduated from the “infant room” to the “tweenie room”  at her day care.  I am pretty sure this means that she is now a toddler.

Which also means that it is time to retire a few of her nursery essentials.  First and foremost, we have traded in her bouncy seat (a.k.a. the vibrating chair that lights up and plays music) for a petite upholstered chair that is perfect for curling with a good book.

I found the chair at a yard sale during my Saturday morning run a couple of weeks ago.  The seller agreed to part with it for $5.00 and held it for me until I was able to return with my vehicle to haul it home.  The larger-than-life fabric is courtesy of Ikea and was purchased last fall.  I bought three yards with no intended purpose, but I felt confident that I would somehow be able to incorporate it into Mattie Windsor’s room.  Amazingly, I had exactly enough fabric to reupholster the chair.   I painted the legs of the chair white and added black cord to create contrast against the vibrant spectrum of colors.  As you can see, Mattie Windsor appears to be quite pleased with the result.