I must apologize for my lack of posts but I promise I have a good excuse.  Jed, Windsor and I have moved . . . AGAIN!  This time we bought a house in Winston-Salem.  No more renting two bedroom living spaces in apartment complexes (although I do miss the pool) or renting gigantic houses out in the country (we do NOT miss the power bill.)

Our new abode is approximately ninety years old and is located in an eclectic older neighborhood called Ardmore.  We are in very close proximity to multiple grocery stores, the baseball park, downtown, and several cool shops.  We are almost unpacked and are constantly brainstorming ideas of all the improvements that we wish to make.  Stay tuned for photographs.

In the meantime, we spent our first full weekend at home plunging through the last of our boxes and supporting our local shops.  It was a fantastic coincidence that the author of “When I Married My  Mother”, Jo Maeder, happened to be at Barnhills for a book signing. I recently finished her lovely book and was thrilled to meet her.  She was a delightful woman who gave us a great deal of her time and allowed us to ask loads of questions regarding her book as well as her life now.

Our family has encountered a great deal of transition this year.  (Windsor has already lived in four different homes during her short 15 months on this planet.)  I can honestly say that we finally feel like we are home.