Lucky for us, our new home came equipped with a butler’s pantry.  Jed and I dig having the extra sink and counter space conveniently located between our kitchen and dining room.  Plus it provides us with a place to set up a coffee bar as well as additional pantry storage.  Not to mention, there was a pre-existing cut out that was the perfect size to accommodate our wine fridge.  As much as we love this extra room fully equipped Brutus the Bulldog bottle opener, we quickly decided that it needed a few basic updates.

After we bid adieu to the track shelving, I decided to spruce up the space with a couple of simple curtains.  Both Jed and I agreed that as lovely as it is to have a window over the sink, the view into our laundry room was less than desirable.  I was able to recycle a curtain that used to hang over our kitchen sink in our Kensington house.  The fabric has an Italian sonnet embroidered on it and was a gift from me to Jed for our second anniversary (a.k.a. the cotton anniversary.)    I cut the curtain down to the appropriate size to fit into our new window.

After this project was complete, I made the executive decision to remove the striped curtains left by the previous owners to conceal the pipes underneath the counter.  I made a panel utilizing one of my most favorite materials . . . you guessed it,  burlap from a tobacco sack.  The result simplifies the space and matches well with the existing tile countertops.

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