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and access to a great farmer’s market with affordable herbs and perennials.

We have a pretty sizable yard that is mostly overgrown with Virginia creeper and poison ivy.  Therefore, Jed has made it his summer mission to spread death amongst our plethora of vines and weeds.  Our plan is to remove the poison ivy in time for fall so it is safe enough for me to make an attempt at landscaping.  In the meantime, I claimed one small flower bed by our back deck to  make presentable.  I removed about a zillion iris bulbs (let me know if you would like a few) and planted some inexpensive perennials from the gigantic farmer’s market in Greensboro.  For now I am keeping our tomato plants and herbs in pots to protect them from Jed and hope to create a raised bed for a kitchen garden where I can plant our herbs.

Buddha was rescued from a local antiques shop and sits upon a concrete based that we found abandoned on a curb.  He greets us each day when we arrive home from work and reminds us to remain tranquil when we look around and realize the monumental task that we have taken on this summer.