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Those of you that attended one of our many parties in “The Speakeasy” back at our house in Richmond are sure to remember the shed that I turned into a mini Shangri-La.  It was complete with a buffet, an antique fridge that served as a bar, music, and hundreds of lights.  The charming little wooden structure was created to replicate our house.  I quickly decided that it offered a lot more promise than a mere shed so I  converted it to what was soon dubbed “Dot’s Speakeasy.” Our house on Kensington lacked in the space department which made it difficult to entertain inside.  Therefore, for three seasons out of the year, we utilized our backyard and the speakeasy to party down.

Thus the speakeasy became an integral part of our lives.  We inaugurated the speakeasy with an engagement party for Jed’s mom, Lynn,  and her now husband, Bernard.  Inside those walls, we celebrated everything from the arrival of the fall season to Jed’s 30th birthday.  During a family party in August 2009, it was the place where we announced that I was pregnant with Mattie Windsor.  Jed and I also spent many evenings grilling out and dining just the two of us in our little abode that made us feel like we were a million miles away from home.  By the time we moved out of Richmond, we had filled the entire perimeter of the ceiling with at least 100 empty wine bottles that represented all of the fun times spent in the speakeasy.

Well, I suppose I have reminisced long enough and now it is time to focus on our beloved new home in North Carolina and all the wonderful things it has to offer.  For example, our new house is spacious and has already proven to be excellent for entertaining both inside and outside on our deck and wraparound porch.  Of course there is no “speakeasy” (a.k.a. shed) so I was left with the conundrum of what do with all of those extra tables and chairs and other crazy artifacts used to decorate our former speakeasy.  I decided that the sleeping porch located directly off of our master bedroom would be a great place to house these items.  Rather than a spot for entertaining, I have made it a cozy and inviting place to curl up with a book.  In addition to the furniture from the speakeasy, I added our old couch from Ikea and recovered the cushions with an aqua blue outdoor fabric in order to prevent fading from the sun.  Although it will not function in the same fashion as our speakeasy, it will allow me to relax and dream up more excuses for a party.