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For as long as I can remember, my mom has always asked for either stationary or garden gloves for her birthday and for Christmas.  As a kid I often complied with her request because stationary and garden gloves typically fell within my limited budget.  As an adult and mother, I now realize how incredibly pleased I feel to receive either stationary or garden gloves as a gift.

My mom enjoys writing letters but her first passion is gardening.  I am also fond of sending handwritten notes and have definitely inherited her love for digging in the dirt.  So when my parents came down for a visit during Labor Day weekend, I was thrilled that my mom wanted to spend a few hours working in our yard.  We focused on one flower bed, and together we dug up liriope and nandina bushes as well as cut back wisteria vines.  Coincidentally, my dad also spent the afternoon outside repairing a  newly purchased side table for me.  (I guess it is obvious that my love for projects runs in my family.)

My parents left that evening, but the next day I completed the job and was finally able to plant the herbs that I started in pots over the summer.  My hope is that the plants will have plenty of time to become established in the ground before the first frost.  In the meantime, Jed and I  continue to enjoy delicious meals that incorporate fresh, homegrown herbs.  And perhaps we are raising a little girl that will share my mother and I’s appreciation for stationary and garden gloves.