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During our first few months in our new abode,  we have been quite busy painting over the bright colors on our walls.    Our burnt sienna dining room was no exception and came with one very special attribute.  It sparkled.  Yes, I mean that there was actually glitter mixed with the paint on the walls of our dining room.  I must say that it was subtle but it was definitely there.  Upon further investigation, we even found the leftover glitter amongst the paint supplies left behind by the previous owners.  (It is free to a good home if anyone is interested in embellishing their walls with glitter.)

Jed and I are not exactly “sparkle people,” so we decided to paint over the burnt sienna walls – sparkles and all.  Our other challenge was that the dining rooms also has the  only textured walls in the entire house.  We were up to fighting glitter but not texture, so we selected a paint with a matte finish rather than the eggshell finish that we usually prefer.  Our color choice was  ”London Coach” by Valspar.  It is  a darker gray than “Silver Satin” and has a touch of brown to keep it from appearing too cold.

New paint meant that I had to make new cushions for our bench and dining chairs.  I was extremely fortunate to find this Moroccan print at 1502 Fabrics.  The five and a half yard fabric remnant  was just enough to complete the entire project and cost less than $24.

I also made a few other additions.  First, I relocated an antique fridge (from the basement) that I rescued from a neighbor’s curb several years ago in Richmond.  It provides the perfect spot to proudly display this smug bust of the Thomas Jefferson (the world’s second coolest red-head) that Jed gave me for my birthday this year.  Finally, I incorporated a few of our Halloween decorations.

Bon Appetit!