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When Jed and I first toured our new home during an open house in the early spring, we both had a good feeling as soon as we stepped through the door.  We have always shared an inclination to the charm of older homes and instantly gravitated to the ornate fireplaces and built-in bar.   The house itself had many other great attributes such as a spacious dining room, high ceilings, four bedrooms, and a grand stairwell; but it was the giant claw foot bathtub in the upstairs bathroom that sealed the deal for me.  I have always longed for a claw foot tub so it was love at first sight.

Since we moved in May, we have made very few changes to our master bathroom.  We chose to keep the celery green paint and wainscoting on the walls.  We added a few touches of mercury glass in the form of votives along the wall and new hardware on the cabinets.  We still have not decided on just the right shower curtain and have elected to use clear liners for now.  Instead of a shower curtain, I did make a simple panel for the window out of a vintage table cloth.  I stumbled upon the table cloth at a yard sale over the summer and was able to bring it home for a mere $5.  The result provides us with just the right  amount of privacy but still allows for plenty of natural sunlight.