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I am a very lucky lady!  I have my very own “woman cave” a.k.a. sewing room.    I am free to spread out, make a mess, and leave everything out so I can pick up right back up exactly where I left off.  Jed gave me free reign to decorate this extra bedroom with one exception – no pink paint.  No worries, I chose “Let it Rain” by Benjamin Moore to recover the off-white walls.  It is a lovely shade of greenish blue that Jed put best when he said, “it looks like you.”   Ironically, I painted the only pre-existing neutral room in our home a bright color.  (In typical fashion, I forgot to take before pictures until the painting was well under way.  Please refer to Stool Pigeon for additional before photos.)

We inherited the black cupboard from the previous owners.  The interior shelves made it the ideal solution for storing my shoes due to the lack of closet space in our home.  I loved the pressed tin on the door but decided that the black exterior was a little too overbearing for my taste.  Funny enough, the previous owners left us a treasure trove of paint in our basement including the very same off-white that I had just painted over on the walls.  Even though I was not crazy about the off-white as a wall color, it looks perfect on the cabinet.

We hung a homemade  shelf constructed out of painted plywood and vintage  iron brackets .  I bought the brackets from a yard sale a few years ago and spray painted them black.  The shelf was formerly the other half of the pair in Mattie Windsor’s Richmond nursery, and its mate is now hanging in her new room (Purple People Eater).

Other additions to the room include an old drafting table that I found on, a pressed tin panel purchased at a country auction, and a homemade corkboard.  I even included a little school desk for Mattie Windsor that we discovered under an inch of dust in our attic.  It too had been left behind by the previous homeowners.  Last but not least, I included the settee that kicked off this blog with Ready, Settee, Go!  I even made a groovy new lumbar pillow for it using several small scraps of complimentary fabric.  My hope is that Jed will occasionally come and relax with me in my woman cave.