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It is no secret that I am a major fan of Martha Stewart.  And for the past nine years, my mom has renewed my subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine for my birthday each August.  I am not typically a hoarder, but I have actually saved  each and every copy.  In addition, I have picked up a few older issues at yard sales and thrift stores to add to my collection.  The magazines serve as a timeless reference tool for recipes, craft projects, holiday decorating ideas, etc.  Yes, I could search the world wide web for pumpkin carving ideas, but I would rather thumb through previous October issues.

Sadly, throughout all of our moves in the past year and a half, I have been forced to store all my Martha magazines in boxes.  Now that we are settled, it is time to reveal them once again.  This became very apparent on Monday when I found several back issues from the late 90s at The Good Will to add to my collection.  At 25 cents a piece, I purchased the outdated magazines right away and could not wait to get home to find a way to make my entire collection more accessible once again.

I compiled all of the old wooden and metal crates that I have previously purchased at yard sales (Jed actually rescued one abandoned crate from an alley for me) and stacked them into bookshelves.  Martha fits right into my new Woman Cave.  Let the inspiration begin!