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Let me set the scene.  It is a Thursday evening at approximately 8:00pm (after Mattie Windsor has gone to sleep).  Jed and I are on the front porch enjoying our nightly cheese plate accompanied by a glass of wine.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me:  “Umm, I have something to tell you and I do not think you are going to like it.”

Jed: “Oh, what is it?”

Me: (pause) “I want to redo Mattie Windsor’s room . . . again.”

Jed:  (long sigh) “Is it because you really don’t like it or do you just need a project?”

Me: “I really don’t like it.”

Jed: ” How long have you felt this way?”

Me:  “Since I finished it the last time.  I have just never been happy with it.”

Jed: “Go ahead.  I pick my battles.”

And the rest is history!  I only made a few minor changes and kept most of it the same.  (See Purple People Eater.) For example, the chalkboard wall is here to stay.  On the other hand, all of the overly saturated colors had to go.  I opted for a more glamorous little girl’s room with a palette of soft pink, black, white, and natural linen.  The transformation of the acid green cubbies was my top priority.  I repainted them using a grayish white that I found with the “Oops paint” at Home Depot.  Next, the remaining three non-chalkboard walls went from turquoise to the perfect shade of pink (“Marry Me” by Benjamin Moore).  Finally, the whimsical chair that I upholstered in the spring (Tweenie Chair) was sold on craigslist, and I opted to make simple alphabet shades to dress her windows instead.  Winter is coming and a window treatment is definitely more energy efficient.  Last but not least, I added a globe that I picked up at goodwill and painted with chalkboard paint.

And now peace has been restored to the Hurt household.  I am finally content with Mattie Windsor’s bedroom.