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In this corner, a jolly white-bearded man in a red suit.  And in this corner, a 24 pound red-head in a little red coat.  Santa never stood a chance.

The day started off well.  Mattie Windsor hung out in her pajamas and wrote her Christmas list to give to Santa.  She put on our best dress, her white tights, and her mary janes in preparation of the visit.  Then we headed off to Reynolda Village.

We walked around for a little while and snapped some photos in hopes to soften the blow.  The moment we turned the corner into Santa’s workshop, Mattie Windsor’s back immediately stiffened, and we knew it was over before it started.  There was not even time to take off her coat.  We just had to snap the pictures and get out of there before she could cause any real harm to Santa.

Mattie Windsor: 2

Santa: 0

Stay tuned for the rematch in December 2013.