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I stumbled upon this chair at Downtown Thrift and immediately saw its potential. Despite its not so appealing appearance, I was drawn to both its egg shape and swivel base. Once I haggled the price down to $10, I could not walk away from the chair. In fact, I was already formulating images in my mind of the miraculous transformation that was going to take place before we could even get it loaded into the car.

Within hours of bringing it home, I stripped off the unsightly back and arm cushions. I decided to keep the vinyl exterior and give it a thorough cleaning. My original plan was to reupholster the inside back and recover the seat cushion. Upon further investigation, I determined that the majority of the chair was made of a hard styrofoam, and there was very little existing wooden frame. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to get staples to stay in styrofoam. My first reaction was to take the whole chair outside, set it by the trash can, and give up on it altogether. After a couple of days of watching it sit there (luckily it did not rain), I welcomed the chair back inside and was ready to plan my next attack. After a little brainstorming, I opted to conceal the inside back of the chair by draping it with my Dad’s old army blanket. Afterwards I recovered the seat cushion and added a burlap toss pillow. Perhaps it was not my original vision but sometimes the best results occur when you have to change your strategy.