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Lately I have been pretty obsessed with getting my hands on an old ladder. Ideally I would love one of those vintage industrial ladders on rollers that you sometimes see in libraries. Low and behold, they are not only hard to come by, they are also rather pricey. Not to mention, the walls of our house are not exactly lined with built in bookshelves to accommodate such a ladder.

This brings me to my next ladder idea. Perhaps it would be nice to have a rustic ladder to simply prop against the wall to hang vintage linens. Sadly, the cheapest option that I have found to date was around $50, and I could not quite justify the cost.

And then a few days ago, I was checking out where I came upon a photo of a ladder hanging sideways on a wall in order to be used as a shelf. When I showed this to Jed, he immediately gravitated toward the idea. Then he went on to suggest that I use his grandfather’s old wooden ladder which happens to be broken and sitting down in our basement collecting dust. Why hadn’t I thought of this? And better yet, it was a standing ladder that could be sawed into two pieces, so I could have TWO ladders. And you guessed it – one is now standing up holding a vintage tablecloth and the other is hanging sideways from our picture molding waiting to be adorned with various small lightweight objects.

Not only did I upcycle an old broken ladder into two, but I did not have to spend a dime to get the look I wanted. Papa would be proud.