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There was one room left to paint on the second floor of our new house, so it was only inevitable that our guest room was going to get a facelift in 2012.  Once again we chose Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore to brighten up the walls and to cover the pre-existing drab olive green.  (It is amazing how many rooms and hallways you can paint with one five-gallon bucket of paint.)  Priming and painting this room truly was a family affair resulting in all three members of the Hurt family yielding rollers and paintbrushes.  At less than two years of age, Mattie Windsor has already taken an interest in all of my projects and is quite the little apprentice.  We entrusted her with her very own paintbrush and her skills were topnotch.   She followed instructions well and actually painted the walls and NOT the furniture, the floor, her stuffed animals, etc, etc.  In fact, I think she may have managed to get less paint on her clothes than I did.

After the monumental task of painting was over, I sat down to my sewing machine.  The twins beds got new bed skirts made from burlap as well as new toss pillows.  On the walls, I hung a pair of glass doors that we discovered in our basement and think may have originally gone to the bar in our dining room.  I also incorporated the ladders from Climbing Papa’s Ladder  and used them to hang a vintage tablecloth and various other small items.   Last but not least, I stacked books everywhere, so it was only appropriate that I also add a cozy chair by the fireplace (see There is more than one way to crack an egg.)

We are expecting our first guest next weekend (Jed’s Mom) and hope she finds the updated space to be a serene home away from home.