Valentine’s Day.  It is a day defined by romantic meals, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and deliveries of long-stemmed roses.  And to me, it also means the return of my rubber bee stamp so that I can make more “Bee Mine” Valentines for Mattie Windsor’s classmates (see Bee Mine).

I hate to be a one trick pony but Mattie Windsor is in a new day care this year with a whole new set of friends.  Now that Mattie Windsor is a little bigger, I recruited her to help.  The child loves stickers so I got her a bunch of heart-shaped and other Valentine-themed stickers to decorate her cards as she pleased.  She had so much fun that she even felt compelled to nap with her remaining stickers and awoke with little glittery hearts all over her clothes and hair.

I completed the Valentines with the help of my trusty bee stamp and red yarn.  Today they were shared amongst a very exclusive group of two-year-olds as they dined on delectable snacks.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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